Eyebrow Lamination

Eyebrow Lamination

Uplifts & styles your brow hair

Brow lamination is almost like a perm for your eyebrows; similar to the well-known lash lift treatment. The treatment is often paired with a brow tint for a bolder enhanced look.

  • Last up to 10 weeks

  • Thicker looking brows

  • Easy & painless process

  • Covers gaps & un-evenness

Eyebrow lamination is a relatively new procedure that focuses on creating shiny, smooth brows. Also sometimes called an “eyebrow perm,” the high-shine effects tend to be sought after by those who may be experiencing thinning or unruly brows. Unlike microblading, needles and coloring are not involved. A brow lamination treatment will make your brows look thicker and fuller.

Service Price
Eyebrow Lamination $50
Eyebrow Lamination with Tint $60
Eyebrow Lamination with Threading & Tint $70

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.